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Best Supplements for Immune System Support

Best Supplements for Immune System Support

Best Supplements for Immune System Support 630 840 Calerie® Nutritionalist

COVID-19 is all anyone can talk about lately, and rightfully so: the respiratory illness is a grave threat to those who have an autoimmune disorder or are otherwise immunosuppressed. However, the recent illness sweeping the nation is a problem for just about everyone, making countless Americans take their immune system health more seriously.

Whether you’re worried about the threat of COVID-19 or you simply want to start improving your immune system health, here are some of the best supplements for immune system support offered by CALERIE®.

It All Starts in the Cell

Cells are the building blocks for human life but they can’t hope to keep your immune system healthy without the proper support. NAD boosters, known as NMN supplements, are among the leading dietary supplements for bolstering cell health.

As we grow older our cells don’t work as efficiently as they used to. This is because our NAD levels (which stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) begin to appear in trace amounts as we age. These NAD levels play an important role in cell regrowth and repair which can keep our skin looking healthy, our mind feeling sharp, and our skeletal muscles working properly. But as our NAD metabolism slows, deleterious effects have been seen in human and animal studies, alike. As a result, our immune system also experiences the less-than-beneficial effects of aging.

NAD administration works as a type of calorie restriction mimetic. When paired with physical activity, the drug targets our cells, making them work harder to repair themselves and keep us healthy.

That’s why the elderly are at particular risk when it comes to coping with COVID-19. Most clinical trials have shown that the elderly, the very young, and the immunocompromised need extra support while fighting off COVID-19. One form of support comes in the form of dietary supplements that boosts NAD levels in your cells.

NAD and its Effects on Aging

Animal research and some human clinical trials have shown that low levels of NAD contribute to age-related decline. Not only can this make young people look older, but it can also cause the immune system to suffer as a result. Should individuals also fail to engage in regular physical activity, these effects of aging are worsened.

NAD boosters, known as NMN supplements, are vital to slowing the aging process in our cells. NMN serves as NAD precursors. Without these important building blocks, our NAD levels stay low because of energy metabolism and do nothing to help our immune system.

But according to Harvard Medical School, the Washington University School of Medicine, and research by professionals like Shin-Ichiro Imai, NAD levels can be improved by taking these simple supplements. The NAD precursors are necessary because our bodies cannot absorb the large NAD enzymes. As such, relying on the building blocks of NAD (NMN) in the form of dietary supplements is the easiest way to boost NAD levels in the long-term.

The Benefits of NMN Supplementation for Immune System Support

Everyone knows that a healthy body is better able to protect itself against disease. Our body naturally produces NAD, but it can do a better job with a little support. By taking small doses of NMN supplements once a day, our cells are better able to shed wastes and repair themselves. Numerous studies have shown that this is key in improving skeletal muscles, but it’s also important in bolstering immune system health associated with age-related decline.

NMN also occurs in our bodies naturally. These molecules gradually turn into NAD through a series of chemical reactions known as NAD synthesis. As such, NMN is considered a precursor to NAD. Because NAD is key in reducing chronic onset pathologies associated with aging human health, using NMN supplementation as a precursor can bolster the immune system response.

Most studies in aged mice have focused on NMN benefits. Through studies performed by Washington University, NMN supplementation has made aged mice appear younger in a biological sense. With their NAD metabolism in check, older mice are able to better handle viruses and disease than aged mice without NAD boosters.

NMN supplementation has been shown to have many health benefits in humans, including helping our immune systems. Regardless, it’s important to note that NMN supplementation has not yet been approved by the FDA. Human clinical trials are expected to progress, revealing more information about NAD enzymes and their molecular precursors. While any recent study shows that NMN supplements are great for immune system health, ask your doctor before taking nicotinamide mononucleotide.

COVID-19 is expected to stick around and improving your health is the best way to help keep pathogens at bay. Contact CALERIE® for NAD supplements and boosters today.