Who told you about CALERIE®?
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Who told you about CALERIE®?
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CALERIE® LifeSpan, NAD+ Supplement

CALERIE® LifeSpan, NAD+ Supplement

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Throughout the natural aging process, people may undergo the loss of their hearing, vision, and hair, wrinkling of their skin, and experience fatigue and fluctuating weight status. Older adults are more vulnerable to neurodegenerative diseases and age-related diseases. Reaching age 65 and older, for instance, can increase one’s chances of developing age-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, osteoporosis, heart disease, arthritis, and more.

The lifestyle a person leads while they’re young can play an important role in how they age. Visiting healthcare providers for routine check-ups and screening tests, exercising regularly, and avoiding a high-fat diet consisting of salty foods and saturated fats can help people age well.

The first step to present and future self-care is prioritizing cell care. Knowledge about the body and its cellular health is important information to have, as knowing how the ingredients in the body impact it can encourage people to consume what’s right for their bodies’ functioning and cellular health.

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD), for instance, is a natural, active ingredient in all living cells. Prominent scientists and researchers conduct many animal studies, especially mouse studies, and clinical trials on NAD. The results of studies about NAD demonstrate how necessary this molecule is to cellular health and existing.

Through chemical reactions, the body converts NAD precursors, such as nicotinamide riboside (NR), nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN), and nicotinic acid into NAD. NR and nicotinic acid, both a form of vitamin B3, have benefits attributed to them. NR shows blood pressure improvement effects, while nicotinic acid impacts DNA repair.

Animal research and clinical trials that identified the beneficial aspects of NAD led to the recognition of the important role NAD plays in human health. NAD assists mitochondria and enzymes with energy metabolism. Sufficient levels of NAD in the body enable mitochondria, which exist in abundance in skeletal muscle cells, to provide power to human cells. For this reason, high NAD levels encourage maximum mitochondrial function and healthy metabolic function.

According to scientific research, NAD is a powerful asset for the body. NAD has an important role in stress response regulation, and gene expression and DNA repair control, and has many benefits. Increased NAD in the body can produce anti-inflammatory effects and manage pain caused by obesity, cancer cells impacting the bone, and metabolic disorders, for example. Studies also detail the role of NAD in regulating the body’s sleep cycles and circadian rhythms, in addition to DNA repair and gene expression.

Due to redox reactions, NAD can exist in the forms of NADH and NAD+. Researchers discovered that the NAD/NADH ratio could influence the onset of health conditions. Diminished amounts of NAD and overabundant NADH characterize diabetes, for instance. Scientists have also found links between low levels of NAD and obesity onset.

Modern science suggests that as we age, the NAD levels decline.  

An NAD+ deficiency is responsible for some of the telltale physical signs of aging, such as chronic inflammation and facial wrinkles and lines. One potential reason for the lack of NAD is the expression of the multifunctional enzyme CD38. CD38 may cause NAD levels to decline, and may act as a link between inflammation and decreases in tissue homeostasis associated with disease and aging. 

It’s imperative to good health that the body can increase and supplement its NAD levels, as it depends on mitochondria and NAD for energy production. Low NAD levels can be harmful to the body and result in mitochondrial dysfunction and diminished brain cell operation. Decreased NAD can lead to adverse effects such as fatigue, poor focus, memory loss, and more. Other symptoms of low NAD levels may include difficulty sleeping, inability to sustain physical activity, and reduced cellular health.

There’s good news for older adults experiencing tiredness and low concentration, and lacking control of their weight as they age: recent research led to NAD supplements.

NAD supplementation is good news because NAD+ is like therapy for a stressed body. Supplements with NAD+ help people achieve weight management. NAD+ can also mimic the biological effects of physical activity and calorie restriction, which can help people lose and manage weight and increase their lifespan. Additionally, NAD+ potentially benefits blood flow, immune function, digestion, and more.

Using clean, safe, and effective NAD supplements with NAD boosters will help young and older adults who want to achieve healthy aging, as NAD supplements enhance DNA repair and regulate the cellular level in the body. NAD dietary supplements, safe solutions for problems of depleted NAD, can replenish NAD and restore the wellbeing of the cells and body.

To increase NAD and its precursors through NAD supplementation and NAD boosters is a way of playing on the body’s natural strengths that can empower older adults to enjoy improved mental, physical, and nutritional health and restored cells, enabling them to live long vital lives.