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Who told you about CALERIE®?
Not sure what this means? Send an email with the subject line "Referral Code" to [email protected]
Who told you about CALERIE®?
Not sure what this means? Send an email with the subject line "Referral Code" to [email protected]


CALERIE® is an acronym.

It stands for Comprehensive Assessment of Long-term Effects of Reducing Intake of Energy.

Clinical trials and animal studies have shown that for most species, if you restrict the number of calories consumed, the organisms live longer.

In fact, calorie restriction (CR) is the only consistent intervention known to increase life span.


At CALERIE® we believe in the ability of caloric restriction (CR) to instigate weight loss and increase longevity in humans. Our rationale is supported by the successful outcomes in participants who partook in the extensive research projects of the two-year CALERIE clinical trial.

CALERIE® promotes calorie restriction (CR) as an integral practice in balanced cellular health and the instigation of healthy weight loss.

With CALERIE®, we intervene at the cellular level to boost NAD+ production and help promote wiser, healthier weight management.


The art of our enzymatic technology allows our ingredients to undergo a metabolic process that optimizes bioafaliablity, purity, as well as human absorption.

Our signature enzymatic technology optimizes the purity and manufacturing conditions of NMN, allowing necessary reactions to take place at 35°C and pH7.5. According to the US National Pharmacopoeia and through the HPLC method for analysis, our residual endotoxin contaminations are well controlled within 100 Eu/g, and the purity reaches 99%.


CALERIE® NMN & SOD can work together to promote optimal aging, energy metabolism, & immune function.


Experience your own rejuvenation with CALERIE®’s most loved supplement.

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