Who told you about CALERIE®?
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Who told you about CALERIE®?
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β-NMN 6,000

Retail Price: $199/Unit

CALERIE® β-NMN 6,000 features the premium active ingredient β-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide, backed by science as a candidate for anti-aging and neuroprotection. A derivative of vitamin B3, β-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide boosts levels of NAD+, a crucial compound for many essential functions that may inhibit factors involved in aging.

Boosting NAD+ with CALERIE’s β-NMN 6,000 promotes healthy aging, increases energy levels, and supports executive function so you can live the full and healthy life you deserve.

  • Key Ingredients: β-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (Premium Grade 99.9%)

    Other Ingredients: Non-GMO D-Glucan, Natural Blueberry Flavor, Organic Monk Fruit Extract, Vegetable-Source Magnesium Stearate.

    Please be aware that ingredient lists may change or vary from time to time. Please refer to the ingredient list on the product package you receive for the most up to date list of ingredients.

  • Directions

    Take three (3) Chewable Tablets per day with breakfast or between meals on an empty stomach.

  • Discover CALERIE® B-NMN 6,000

  • CALERIE® B-NMN 6,000

    You live in an environment of constant activity and multiple stressors. Whether they come in the form of external stimuli, physical exertion, mental stress, poor dietary choices, alcohol, or other factors, these put pressure on your body and brain that may accelerate the aging process. Day to day your body is struggling to maintain adequate energy and health.

    CALERIE® β-NMN 6,000, which has a purity exceeding 99.9%, contains scientifically studied ingredients designed to support your body’s essential everyday functions, while working against factors that promote aging.

    NMN may support healthy metabolism and mitochondrial function, which can benefit all the cells throughout the body. Taking this high potency product as part of your daily health routine delivers core benefits at your cellular level, ultimately influencing your overall health and longevity.

  • Incredible Ingredients

    β-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (Premium Grade 99.9%) is a derivative of vitamin B3. It’s converted by your body into Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+), which is necessary for metabolism of nutrients into energy, and offers promising anti-aging effects.

  • Experience the purity of CALERIE® B-NMN 6,000.

    β-NMN 6,000 is easy to add to your daily routine. Just take 3 blueberry-flavored chewable tablets of CALERIE® β-NMN 6,000 per day, either upon waking up on an empty stomach, or with meals.

  • Slide Informed Choice is a global quality assurance program for sports nutrition products developed to ensure products are not inadvertently contaminated with substances prohibited in sport by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

    CALERIE® β-NMN 6,000 carries an Informed Choice certification, meaning it is regularly tested for athletic banned substances and contaminants.
    Informed Choice
    Slide Halal is an Arabic word meaning lawful or permitted. In reference to food, it is the dietary standard, as prescribed in the Qur’an (the Muslim scripture), and is permitted on a Muslim diet.

    CALERIE® β-NMN 6,000 is Halal certified, meaning it has been verified to contain ingredients that align with Halal practices and is fit for a Muslim diet.
    Slide Non-GMO means a product was produced without genetic engineering and its ingredients are not derived from GMOs.

    CALERIE® β-NMN 6,000 is Non-GMO Project Verified, meaning it has been verified as being free from genetically modified ingredients.
    Non-GMO Project Verified
    Slide Vegan means that a product does not contain any ingredients that were derived from animals, insects, or their byproducts.

    CALERIE® β-NMN 6,000 is Vegan, meaning that it does not contain any ingredients or byproducts derived from animals or insects, and therefore would be permissible on a Vegan diet.
    Slide cGMP Certified means that a supplement was manufactured using processes and facilities in line with Current Good Manufacturing Practices, which are established, maintained, and updated by the FDA. This ensures quality, purity, and identity of the product.

    CALERIE® β-NMN 6,000 is cGMP Certified, which means that it was produced in a facility that practices in line with current FDA GMP requirements.
    cGMP Certified
    Slide Made in USA indicates that a product uses ingredients that were "all or virtually all" made in the United States.

    CALERIE® β-NMN 6,000 is Made in USA, which means that the final product was manufactured within the United States of America.
    Made in USA